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Stagetracker 3 is an application for playing audio & midi tracks and was developed specifically for live performance on stage. The ease of use and clear operation structure make it a perfect tool for any musician. Stagetracker supports audio interfaces with up to 32 outputs and offers a fully equipped mixer containing eq, compressor, reverb, delay for each of its 24 tracks. Due to the high number of 16 Subgroup channels (stereo), it is possible to route each track to a separate output of the audio interface.

Stagetracker helps on one hand to replace musicians but also serves as a supplement, for example, to sound a bit fuller to choirs and modern keyboard sounds that are live not possible to play.

It is up to the user how he makes the track layout.
A typical example would be:

Track 1: Click for the Drummer
Track 2: Bassguitar
Track 3: Guitar 1
Track 4: Guitar 2
Track 5: Keyboard
Track 6: Front Singer
Track 7: Background Voice 1
Track 8: Background Voice 2

Even rehearsals can take place with such a setup, even if a musician is missing. Stagetracker not only has the ability to play audio and midi tracks but also offers a full-featured text editor with the ability to display time-programmable text passages. Optionally, you can also display the text of a Midi file. Even the connection of a second Screen for the front musician is quickly realized. Thus, one of the musicians, who operates Stagetracker in the background during the performance, can even change the order of the songs and make this change visible to the front monitor.

Setlists can be quickly created and saved during the performance.

StageTracker has a keyboard search mode, ie , it is possible during playback to enter the first letter of the next song, so that it is loaded next.

StageTracker loads a song with 24 audio tracks within a second.

The Control of external soft- and hardware is also possible via midi:

Stagetracker supports MTC (Midi Time Clock) and even individual MIDI events (such as program changes / controller changes) can be fired at a specific playback position, for example to control external Effects or a lighting system. Alternatively, a midi file can be used to control the lighting system.

To use this program in its entirety, a desktop PC, notebook or tablet with dual-processor is recommended. If you work with only a few tracks, operation is also possible with a netbook.

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Frequently asked questions:

Can I install StageTracker on more than 2 computers ?
- Yes you can. In the support area you can request 2 activation codes ( home / work ) every 2 weeks.
   If you still need more, then please write an e-mail to the technical support ( ).

I have dropouts when playing, why is that ?
- mostly it comes from bad written soundcard driver of the manufacturer. Be sure to have the latest driver update and increase the latency ( buffer size ) to 1024 - 2048 samples. Try also Asio4All driver ( )

Will StageTracker play midi and audio at the same time so that I can sync my midi lights with each mp3 track in the playlist ?
- Yes, it’s possible. You can even program midi events at a specific time to control the presets of your lighting system.

I need a special feature, but StageTracker doesn’t support it ..
- If you have ideas for new features or you miss a feature please contact RaiseAudio support and asked for it. Maybe it will appear in the next update :-)

When will StageTracker be available on IPAD ?
- It’s planned, but there is no release date. As soon the date is fix you will know it from the web page.

Can I install StageTracker on a Windows 8 Tablet ?
- Yes, StageTracker supports Windows 8 running on Tablet PC’s. It is also a very good alternative to IPAD.

free download  (win xp / vista / 7 / 8 )

free download  (Mac OS X  10.5 and higher )

StageTracker 3

StageTracker 2

free download  (win xp / vista / 7 / 8 )

support only for existing licencees

New in Version 3.2:

Added: audio click generator / metronome ( you are also able to use your own click samples )

Added: Text Editor now supports different picture formats like png, jpeg, bmp ( just experimental )

Added: enhanced buffering of audio files to prevent stutter or glitches on slower computers

New in Version 3.17:

bugfix: fixes problems with tracks 17-24

Added: some small gui changes ( affects lyric window in main window and separat lyric window )

New in Version 3.16:

Added: Play/Stop Button to full screen lyric window
fixes: midi output group assignment bug

New in Version 3.15 r4:

bugfix: fixes midi clock - no output issue

bugfix: fixes unicode character problem on windows ( specially slovak language )

changes: scrollbar thumb of the set list is now thicker

New in Version 3.15 r3:

bugfix: fixes track output group assignment

New in Version 3.15 r2:

bugfix: audio device settings didn’t load at startup

New in Version 3.15:

added: Midi parameter with time position 0:00:00 will now directly processed after loading the song
added: Midi Clock output (individual tempo settings for each song)
added: Set Editor // rename & delete song ( use right mouse menu )

bugfixes: Text Editor ( some important bugfixes )

New in Version 3.14 r2:
bugfix: Midi Output - wrong routing

bugfix: CC/PrgCh - loading wrong data

New in Version 3.14:

added: slovak language ( thanks to Lubos Korcok )

added: sending Note On / Off messages for lighting systems ( see CC/PrgCh )

added: support for Launchpad

New in Version 3.13 :

Bugfix: Text Editor & „Autom. Next song“ enabled issue ( changes in text editor were lost )

New in Version 3.12 :

Setlist search now supports numbers and characters like „0-9“ „öäü“ „-.,+“

New in Version 3.11 :
Audio Playback improvements ( read ahead buffer to avoid audio dropouts ) / bug fix: Midi Program Change - Loop

New in Version 3.1 :
GUI improvements / Import of StageTracker 2 text files / Song ID value can be changed manually / Midi Control improvements

New in Version 3.0 :

Totally rewritten and now available for PC & MAC

Landestheater Dinkelsbühl

‚StageTracker 3’ ist im Landestheater Dinkelsbühl seit dem Theatersommer 2013 erfolgreich in Betrieb. Die individuelle Anpassung des Programms sichert den Blues Brothers allabendlich einen erfolgreichen Auftritt. Dank der Zuordnung der Songs nach Szenennummer und der Möglichkeit, neu angewählten Tracks Priorität vor laufenden Hintergrundliedern einzuräumen, schafft im Szenenablauf und bei Umbauzeiten Sicherheit und Flexibilität. Das Landestheater Dinkelsbühl bedankt sich für die reibungslose Zusammenarbeit bei der Einführung und das gute Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.

Desmod Nazareth Tour

Lubos Korcok:

"Thank you very much for your simply,

versatile and reliable Stage Tracker.

We use your soft for direction lights,

click for drummer and playbacks on

 Desmod Nazareth tour in Slovakia."

TOTO-Tribute-Band (

We have been working for some time with your software

"Stage tracker" in the rehearsal room and live.

The program has really made a leap forward with the last updates.

Surprisingly well developed and for our needs quite optimal.


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